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The AIA Oklahoma Conference on Architecture Planning Committee is looking for speakers for the 2022 Conference.

Conference Details: This year’s conference will take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma from Thursday, September 29 – Friday, September 30 at the Cox Business Convention Center.

Conference Theme: This year’s theme is MATERIALIZE (Architecture is the practice of making ideas materialize). 

2021 Scholarship Winners!
Thank you to AIA National for teaming with AIA Oklahoma to provide scholarship opportunities this year.

Grace Rykard from Oklahoma State University, School of Architecture 

Rodney Jordan from Oklahoma State University, school of Architecture

Hannah Reed of the University of Oklahoma Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture
Ryan Godfrey  of the University of Oklahoma Christopher C. Gibbs College of Architecture
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(Over $500)

Pascal Aughtry, AIA

Brad Gaskins, AIA

Anthony McDermid, AIA

Lanny McIntosh, FAIA


($250 - $499)

Michael Birkes, AIA

Mark Gandy, AIA

Jan Loftis

Karen McCannell

Keith Robertson, AIA


($100 - $249)

Peter Barlow, AIA

Kelly Brown, Assoc. AIA

Anthony Chau, Assoc. AIA
Lisa Chronister, FAIA

Kristin Fasking, AIA

Lisa Grau, AIA

LeRoy Gibbs

Patrick Golden

Clark Todd Gollette, AIA

Kevin Harrison, Assoc. AIA

Bruce Horgen, AIA

Mary Kell, AIA

Mark Lamzik

James Loftis, FAIA

Tasha McCabe

Eric Miller, AIA

Al Pagano, AIA

Darshan Patel, AIA

Jana Phillips, FAIA

David Reed, AIA

Fred Schmidt, FAIA

Chauncey Smith, Assoc. AIA

Rachel Strunk

Francis Wilmore, AIA

Spencer Wilson, AIA

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